Jason Reilly VK7ZJA DMR Pages Archive. Please note - These pages will NOT be updated. They are archived only. 19 Jan 2023.

The following pages below are not my property. They were written up by Jason Reilly VK7ZJA for DMR radios such as the Anytone 868, 878 and 578. Jason gave permission to host his content on my website.

Sadly Jason passed away a few days ago. I chose not to advertise this website out of respect for Jason. These websites for in his memory. Thank you for helping so many people with AnyTone radios.

578techmods | 878techmods | DMRbasics | GD-77FAQ | GD77menu | GD77mods | GD77review | GD77tune

If some of the links don't work, and you clicked on a link from Facebook, you need to remove the "?fbclid=" as this breaks some of the links.

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